Monday, August 16, 2010

J Models on Healthy Eating

Despite the general belief that models starve themselves, J models always keep a very healthy lifestyle. Today, the boys and girls are sharing their eating plans to maintain that gorgeous figure.

I have 3 eggs in the morning before gym and pasta and salad for lunch and dinner. I love pineapple and peach and eat them on a regular basis. Also, I stay away from any sort of takeaways especially burgers :)

I’m a sushi & salad girl. I also eat lots of grapes, blackberries, strawberries, and apples throughout the day. I don’t touch chocolate, ice creams, and any types of junk food and I don’t get drunk :p

Fruit and vegetable definitely, and 3 litres of water per day. My favourite fruits are orange and kiwi!

I always get my “5-a-day” from home-made smoothes and fruit snacks

I stay away from carbs and have 2 protein shakes per day. I enjoy roast chicken with steamed vegetables for tea and tuna salad for dinner

I avoid eating late at night and focus on green salad and fish

Pasta, salad, and fruits! I do allow myself a small portion of chocolate at weekends

I have cereal and skimmed milk for breakfast, sushi or salads for lunch, and grilled fish or vegetable snack for dinner. Definitely lots of green tea and water!

I have a nice big breakfast. For lunch I usually have pasta and yogurt. Potatos with quorn brocolli and carrots and possibly sweetcorn will be for dinner. Before bed I have a cup of tea or hot milk with cinnamon!

I try to fit a little bit of everything from fruits, salad to chicken and fish in my diet. I obviously eat everything in proportion :)

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