Monday, September 13, 2010

J Models' Back to the 60's PARTY - A big success

The 26 year old director of J Model Management, Jessica Minh Anh, host an extravagant 60’s celebrity fashion party on Sunday 5 September 2010 at Birmingham’s newest VIP venue The Chameleon. The model, who recently judged Mr England in Miss England national grand final sitting alongside soap star Ryan Thomas, invited a long list of stars to the event. These include her mentor celebrity hair stylist Stuart Phillips who won the world record for the most expensive hair cut, her new buddy Britain’s Got Talent’ star Shaun Smith, Mr England 2010 Vaughan Bailey, international movement director Robert Downer who choreographed the Hollywood production Bring it on again, Giorgio Armani model Vince Azzopardi, and finalists of Mr and Miss England 2010. Other guests include regional managers of Hugo Boss, DKNY, Goldsmiths, Jane Norman, Coast, Hyatt Hotel, Hilton Hotel, and many fashion models, photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists from all over the UK. Celebrity designer Joe Chalita, who made exclusive red carpet pieces for celebrities like Myleene Klass, sent his newest dress to Jessica for the occasion.

Shaun Smith and Jessica Minh ANh
The event featured the final of ‘I look hot in the 60’s style’ competition as well as the famous dance routine in Hair Spray production presented by the very own J fashion models.Bad Apple Hair salon and The Body Shopwere on board to style the on stage team and demonstrate the latest autumn winter makeup and hair trend. “I’d like to thank J Model Management for an amazing night. Young talents were discovered. I will definitely come to all their future events” said Shaun Smith. “I completely enjoyed myself. Jessica is obviously doing very well at such an age” Stuart Phillips added. Speaking of the event herself, Jessica Minh Anh smiled “60s was a significant era that broke many fashion traditions and gave birth to modern fashion. Mini skirt, mods movement emerged, hippie and androgynous styles were all invented then. I believe we chose just the right theme for the party. My goal is to bring Birmingham right to the top of the UK fashion scene with a lot more high quality unique fashion events”. The party was sponsored by Hilton Hotel Birmingham.

Have a look at some of the photos from the party taken by photographer Kumar Chan, Raluca Save, and Njehu Gichini from Studio 77 Photography

J models in the 60's style

Aid Tam - manager of Bad Apple Hair, Shaun Smith - Britain's Got Talent's star, Stuart Phillips - celebrity hairstylist (Judging panel of 'I LOOK HOT' competition)

Hairspray routine by Jessica, Richard, Kate

Bad Apple Hair Team

The Body Shop makeup

Bad Apple Hair Team

Dancer Richard

Jessica Minh Anh and Shaun Smith with his friends

Miss Newark & District 2010 aka High Jump British Champion

Miss Chesterfield 2010

Miss Derby 2010

Miss Brindley 2010

Miss Cumbria 2010

Jessica Minh Anh and Mr England 2010 aka Mr Birmingham

Mr England runnerup aka Mr Lincolnshire 2010

Video producer Tom Dodd

Mr South London 2010

Music producer Dean Kumar

Presenter Ben Ensall

The Body Shop Team

Bad Apple Hair Team

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