Sunday, March 21, 2010

J Model Management supports local school with Project Runway

Birmingham’s favourite model and creative agency J Model Management is gaining even more fans below the age of 18 after the success of Project Runway at St Paul's School for Girls on 16 March 2010.

The project is aimed to help 11 grade students develop many essential skills including leadership, time management, teamwork, finance, design and styling, communication, and presentation in a compact 6 hour session. 160 girls were divided into 20 groups and were instructed to perform a number of tasks from opening their own company, assigning roles for group members, designing a logo, posters, business cards, and presenting their company’s ideas by the first half of the day. The girls then moved on to developing their business management skills having to purchase raw materials from the made up market place to manufacture their own garments and accessories for the final competition on stage at the end of the day.

J Models’ director Jessica Minh Anh, who is an expert in conducting similar workshops for various age groups, brought her team of makeup artists, photographers, and video producer to give the students an amazing feel of the fashion industry. “J model management has handled the day in a superb way. The inspiration and leadership, guidance and very specific instructions given by Jessica get the girls to think creatively outside the box. As a consequence, I saw aspects of the girls that I had never seen before and their ability to work as a team and their whole development throughout the day was absolutely phenomenal.” said Deputy Head Mrs. Dawn Casserley.

The final fashion show modelled by 20 representatives of each team was far beyond expectation. Most groups managed to produce headwear and glamorous dresses as well as many accessories to beautify their design. “I was very pleased to see the girls not only know how to design but to promote their design via their radio advert and impressive commentary, which is just as important. I cannot wait to work with more schools on the same project to spread our expertise the young talented generation” said Jessica Minh Anh.

J Model Management is not only supporting schools but also universities in the West Midlands via their regular internship programme. This end of May 2010, the agency is providing young fashion designers with an exciting opportunity to showcase their creative pieces on the runway next to international brands in their 5th grand fashion show held in Birmingham City Centre. To find out more about this young innovative agency, visit for more details.

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