Sunday, January 10, 2010

♥ J Models' interview with one of the best teen photographers - Damon Baker ♥

 J Model Management is proud to present Damon Baker, one of the best UK teen fashion photographers to date! 

Damon, born 19/09/1990 in the Midlands, has self taught photography since the start of 2008 and dedicated his time and focus on building a portfolio and getting noticed in the industry. Since 2009, his work has been published in various magazines, emags and online blog's. His photographic work varies from fashion editorial to edgy portraiture.

The following is the interview with the talented young man by J Model Management on 10 January 2010

How did you get into photography?
I've always been a fan of the fashion industry so I've always experimented with photos, I started off with your ordinary digital camera, since I started taking photos I became obsessed with the whole photo shoot process and the creative directing, I wanted to share my photographic vision with the world.
★ Do you think there is a need for a qualification in photography to succeed in the industry?
I guess it all depends on your personal preference, personally I haven't got a qualification when it comes to photography, I much prefer to experiment and go for it on my own terms.

★ You’ve worked with many models for the past 2 years, what would you describe your style that makes you different from others?
My style is constantly changing, I believe that photographers should constantly mess with techniques and ideas to better their work and have variety in their portfolio.

You shot J Models’ director Jessica Minh Anh and the photos were published in Birmingham Mail, Insight Magazine, Photography Monthly, and a few others, what style and technique did you use to make such beautiful images?

Me and Jessica experimented with movement and expression, we put the music and fan on in the studio and away we went.

★ How do you evaluate if a model has ‘IT’?
Show me a model who has porcelain skin, big eyes, long hair, legs that go on for days, fierce poses and I'll be forever happy.

★ What is the best thing about being a fashion photographer?
You get to share your creative vision with others and it's always nice meeting other creative's who are so inspiring.

★ What do you do beside photography?
My life revolves around photography, I have no other purpose, I think.

What advice would you give to young boys and girls who would like to pursue a fashion photography career?
I'd say go for it, head out into the world and conquer your dreams, don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't succeed, they're lying. You will succeed, if you try.

Last question, for the female fans, are you currently involved with anyone? And if yes, is it a model?
I'm not involved with anyone right now, no. Unless, I'm lying (winks) !

Take a look at some of his work in 2009. 

For more work from Damon, please visit his website Also, you can follow him on Twitter @

Damon Baker will also appear at J Fashion Show @ Town Hall Birmingham on 6 February 2010 together with the newest J model -Keeley

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