Saturday, January 14, 2012

MAKING HISTORY AGAIN: The first ever fashion phenomenon at the world's tallest Twin Towers by J Model Management

After making history with the international success of J Autumn Fashion Show on England’s iconic Tower Bridge 44 metres above the River Thames in October 2011 (reported by ITV UK), UK’s high profile fashion show organiser J Model Management is ready to take high fashion 175 metres off the ground on the 58 metre long Skybridge of the world’s tallest twin structure, the PETRONAS Twin Towers, on the 19th March 2012. The J Spring Fashion Show, which will present the most outstanding collections of top designers from 20 countries and welcome the most influential faces in various industries, is expected to be a global fashion phenomenon of the decade.

The state-of-the-art Skybridge, the world’s highest two storied-bridge, is the perfect location for a high profile international showcase that redefines the world’s fashion show standard. The whole bridge, with its futuristic mega structure and an exceptional glass-and-steel combination, will be lit up between 7 and 11pm for the first time. The exclusive VIPs, who are ambassadors of different countries, top designers, brand managers, celebrities, and the international press, will be seated along the sides of the bridge, leaving 3 metres in the middle for the long catwalk. Dutch celebrity designer Addy van den Krommenacker, whose couture collections have appeared numerous times in J Model Management’s shows, said “It’s a very clever idea to host the show on such a world-class architectural wonder, and having my dresses on Skybridge will be absolutely magical!” The show, which will be choreographed by the international movement director K.Knight renowned for his work with Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, and MTV, is set to break international boundaries and make the Asian jewel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia the new fashion destination of the world.

J Spring Fashion Show is part of a series of four high profile fashion shows organised by J Model Management in 2012 at the most extraordinary venues across the globe. British fashion leader Paul Costelloe is not that surprised with this move of J Model Management “Jessica understands the industry very well and its high expectations. I’m sure she’ll continue to amaze the world in years to come” he said.

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