Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Enigmatic Connection of Women and Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular with the feminine race with each passing day. Today’s modern woman doesn’t compromise with her style statement and is willing to flaunt even the wildest of tattoo designs on her body. Earlier in the society those women who were spotted with a tattoo on their arms or back were looked upon as rebellious or eccentric. But the scenario has completely changed now. Tattoos have become socially acceptable and women who flaunt tattoos on their body are considered attractive rather than being offensive.
As nature has created women to be physically smaller and delicate than men, therefore the tattoo designs are also petite and pretty for women as compared to men. Very rarely do we spot any woman flaunting a full sleeve tattoo. The most common form of tattoos found on a woman’s body is small and isolated. They are also less aggressive and have thinner lines than men’s tattoos. Let us learn more about the different tattoo designs adorned by women in particular.
Top Tattoo designs loved by women:Women Tattoos1 The Enigmatic Connection of Women and Tattoos
1. Butterfly tattoos: These tattoos are perhaps the most common and the prettiest of all. These can be adorned anywhere in the body starting from the shoulder to the ankle. Butterflies are a very popular subject for a woman, so it’s not surprising that these tattoos are also equally common.
2. Tribal tattoos: Tribal designs are considered to be a favorite among women of all age groups. These tattoos are usually adorned at the lower back of a woman’s body.
The Enigmatic Connection of Women and Tattoos The Enigmatic Connection of Women and Tattoos3. Star tattoos: Stars are the oldest symbol among tattoos and that is the reason they have a strong symbolic meaning. Star tattoos can be worn singularly or combined with other designs.
4. Flower tattoos: It is no secret that why flower tattoos are a woman’s best friends. They are considered very girly and have a natural beauty of their own. Being feminine in nature, these tattoos also are symbolic in nature.
5. Zodiac tattoos: For a woman who believes in astrology, having her zodiac sign as a body art is very common.
6. Dolphin tattoos: Dolphins are considered to be intelligent mammals and therefore having a dolphin tattoo signifies an intelligent and imaginative woman.
7. Heart tattoos: Being the symbol of love, heart tattoos enjoy the attention showered by romantic women.
8. Fairy tattoos: As girls like to live in their world of dreams and fairies, their love for fairy tattoos is not strange.