Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Butterfly Tattoos: A Show of Pure Beauty

Butterfly tattoos are a very important part of artwork on the body. Being beautiful creatures with vibrantly colored wings, they are the favorite theme of most patrons of music and painting. These colorful beings can be seen on many of the objects that we use in our daily life including costume jewelry. Children are awed by the beauty and liveliness of this insect and love to fill their coloring books with pictures of them. But perhaps the best expression of these insects can be found in the form of tattoos on the body. They are generally flaunted by women and can be inked on any part of the body with a variety of colors.
Butterfly Tattoos1 Butterfly Tattoos: A Show of Pure BeautyButterfly tattoos can be found on any part of the body. They look equally good when inked on the arms, chest, shoulder blade or lower back. The tattoo artists find it really exciting to engrave these tattoos on the body as they can really utilize their creativity to the maximum and use a variety of shades to bring about a magical effect on the body. And since a lot of colors are used, the wearer gets the privilege to match any attire with the tattoo and show off her style to perfection. Besides, it is also possible to add many other designs with the butterfly to make the tattoo really come alive.
Butterfly Tattoos2 Butterfly Tattoos: A Show of Pure BeautyYou can get butterfly tattoos on your body either of the permanent or the temporary variety. A permanent tattoo is for life and you can only get it off with a lot of difficulty using the laser removal technique. But a temporary tattoo can be removed much easily. If you have just got your body painted with a butterfly, then it will be gone after just one wash. And if it is a stick-on kind, you can use acetone or any paint remover to get rid of it. Most people are however, so obsessed with this tattoo, that they love to get it for life. Besides, since it is only a small tattoo, you can also get other tattoos even after you have the butterfly on your Butterfly Tattoos3 Butterfly Tattoos: A Show of Pure Beautybody.
The butterfly tattoos can be integrated with many other designs to give new meaning to the tattoo. You can write your name in the wings of the butterfly or inscribe your zodiac sign in it. Most women inscribe this tattoo on their body to show the change in their body from childhood to womanhood as the butterfly transforms itself from a caterpillar. Butterflies also mean freedom. In fact, various cultures in the world attach different meanings to the butterfly and this makes butterfly tattoos still more interesting.