Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo5 Angel Wings TattooHave you ever seen an image of a girl with a full back angel wings tattoo? There is nothing but a sense of awe remains in the mind when you see such tattoo designs. Whether you get the instant feeling that you want a similar design or you feel how much pain would have cost in that beautiful design. It isn’t that everybody gets an instant feeling to get a full back tattoo no matter how interesting they appear to be. But if you are among those who has the guts to go about getting a pair of wings, then you can very well do that.
Angel Wings Tattoo6 Angel Wings TattooAngel wings tattoo were initially seen on Elayne Angel who exhibited a full back tattoo that inspired many to think about having the similar designs. Her design was mostly done in black and looks exceedingly attractive and lends asexual appeal. The history behind angel wings can be traced to the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. Where angel, cherubs, seraphim appear in their typical attires with beautiful wings at their back making them appear superior to man. Since then when ever we think of an angel we can never miss the evident white feathery wings. This is the reason why we mostly associate angel wing tattoos are also associated with religious bent of mind.
Angel Wings Tattoo7 Angel Wings TattooSome even prefer to get an angel wings tattoo that is small and cute. Today you can find them in all sizes in various parts of the body, right from the arms to the lower back and the anklets. They look exceedingly sexy and add an air of mystery around the wearer. Keeping up with the demand of tattoo lovers, angel wings tattoos are now done in a wide variety of styles. And even tattoo artists encourage people to go for different locations where the designs can really look good. The realistic wings designs using only the black ink and creating the shade look is a hot favorite. You can go for a Celtic wings tattoo or a butterfly wings tattoo alternatively.
While choosing the design, you can check out various tattoo designs worn by celebrities, or top models and even collect tattoo designs from the internet. Smaller tattoos are advised as they take les time to design and you may not repent having that much. But the full back tattoos cover a bigger area and may not get over in one sitting. You may have to go through the pain twice. But if you have made up you mind then you can go for any design you want. All you need for that is a good back to have a full angel wings tattoo.