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J Catwalk Training & Model Consultation hosted by UK No1 choreographer K.Knight and J Model Management's director Jessica Minh Anh is an intensive 4.5 hour session where wannabe models learn all about modelling and how to succeed in the most creative yet competitive industry. Attendees are not only trained on basic and advanced catwalk and posing techniques but also gain top tips on portfolio, casting, fashion shows, agency application, how to avoid scam, and how to network effectively with the right people on the road to success. Potential models are picked from the event to join J Model Book 2011 & the international J Fashion Shows.

More information about J Catwalk Training & Model Consultation can be found on the official website


  • (12:30 - 1pm) Polaroid shoot: natural shoot with minimum makeup

    o Head Shot

    o Full body Shot
  • (1 - 4pm) Catwalk training

    o Basic catwalk techniques

    o Advance catwalk techniques focusing on enhancing your signature walk

  • (4 - 4:45pm) Modeling consultation

    o Industry tips on casting, networking, and research

    o Modeling portfolio review and advice
  • (4:45 - 5pm) Mock Fashion Show Assessment

    o You will be grouped into a team to do a 10 minute mock fashion shows to present what you've learnt

    o Team photos will be taken

Here are some comments from previous attendees

It was simply amazing and I learnt a lot! If you want to be a real model, you must attend J Catwalk Training & Model Consultation as it's so worth it!

WOW! Fantastic day more than what I expected. A lot of information about casting, fashion shows, portfolio, networking etc was given by Jessica and K that can and will help me in the future. Thanks guys, LOVE J Catwalk Training & Model Consultation!

J Model Management is the real deal! They really know what they are doing and give easy tips to use on the catwalk I have really enjoyed my self and have to admit, it was a good experience. I learnt a lot and have took it all in. Overall it was an amazing day!!!

I loved working with J Model Management. I learnt a lot which will take me forward in my modelling career! All the specific modeling tips and catwalk techniques were very useful

I had a fantastic day! I have learnt so much on top of my previous knowledge. Both K.Knight and Jessica Minh Anh were great and they have succeeded to inspire me. Thank you!

It has been a magnificent day here at J Model Management. K.Knight and Jessica Minh Anh rocked! They are really professional and have opened my eyes and lead me to the right direction with their useful advice. Thank you so much

I enjoyed myself so much today. Thank you for making it so amazing! It was well organised and beneficial!

It’s been a very interesting model consultation course. I’ve learnt a lot about posing, modeling attitude, and the whole industry itself and had fun too! Thanks J Model Management

J Model Management has given me a FUN experience! And I feel so confident now! Thank you!

I really enjoyed myself in J Catwalk Training and Model Consultation. My catwalk has definitely improved! Awesome day! K.Knight and Jessica Minh Anh were lovely to work with! They really know how to get everyone involved!

It was a really useful workshop and I am able to apply what I have learnt on the session to future photo shoots and etc. I would definitely recommend this to any model looking to build their confidence on the runaway. – Overall = GREAT!

Awesome tips, energetic catwalk training! Forever thank you so much for your encouragement. Thank you Thank you Thank you J Model Management

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